Cheese, Meats and Dairy

Curd and Cure are a small independent business based in Staplehurst, Kent. They have been dedicated to selling award-winning cheddar cheese for over thirty years. They now sell an extensive range of fine foods, including local Kent and East Sussex cheeses, Kent sourced cooked ham and beef, also olives, cured meats and other foods.

Weald Smokery’s mission is to produce delicious smoked products with passion, pride and care.

Our fresh meat comes from local butchers, who are passionate at producing fully traceable, quality beef, pork and lamb in Kent. Our milk and yogurts come from Hindxen Farm,who have two herds, Pedigree Guernsey and Holstein Fresian. The cows graze grass during the summertime and loose housed on straw during the winter.  They eat a mix of homegrown grass and maize silage , with cereal based concentrates. Milk can be bought in glass bottles, and returned for re use!

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