Plant Nursery

At the plant centre at Cranbrook Farm Shop we hope to bring something different to your horticultural shopping experience. Our aim is to provide a garden atmosphere, where you can browse our surprisingly large range of shrubs, trees, herbaceous plants, grow-your-own, herbs, alpines and grasses at your leisure. Take a few minutes to view our display tables, where a variety of plants are displayed together, to help to give you ideas and inspiration.

We source around eighty per cent of our plants from Kent and Sussex nurseries, prioritising the passionate, small growers over national suppliers. In this way we can take a personal interest in the growing methods employed and the subsequent quality of the plants. As you will notice, this also helps us to keep our pricing extremely competitive.

We hope you will enjoy wandering around our benches, taking in the lovely sights and scents of the plants. Also, please do ask Jan or Kathryn who will be found around the plants or in the potting shed, for any further information you need, or simply for ideas, or a garden-related chat!

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